Value Steel & Pipe has been sourcing and selling excess steel products for over 30 years.

Throughout the years we  have provided dependable customer service with the most responsive deliver times to our customers and to their job sites.

At Value Steel we specialize in retail sales of these materials which means that we often supply to smaller customers whose needs are on a smaller, more personalized scale. We cater to general retail-level consumers as well as the agriculture industry. Our vast knowledge of the agriculture and manufacturing industries means we are able to meet the specific material needs and demands. We do custom Shearing & Bending & Punching & Saw cutting services 

Our unique business model and the size of our company enables us to offer some of the quickest and most responsive service in the steel industry. We see each and every customer being just as valuable as the next regardless of the size of your purchase order. We offer a wide variety of personalized services - so don’t hesitate to ask us for anything not seen below - we do it all!

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